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Technology driven stock portfolios have arrived.

Woodward Financials wealth management launches a stock portfolio service using in-house technology. Born out of the frustration of having to watch fund managers ride a bull market and run for the hills in a bear market, David Woodward Managing Director believes a fund managers primary goal is to preserve capital over fund performance. Giving little confidence in many of the branded names you are likely to have come across especially since the start of the year. David states “Although capital preservation is key to long-term growth, so called legend fund managers have time and time again called the markets wrong”.

David continues “When our technology indicated a strong sell for a stock, the rational why this stock remains in a funds top 10 holding is baffling, especially when our technology flags 7 of 10 companies are a sell in their top 10 holdings. The same goes for a stock which we identify as a strong buy, many fund managers don’t include our strong buy in their top 10 holdings, only to watch its share price rise week by week”.

David finishes by saying “By tracking funds daily in conjunction with their associated indices there doesn’t seem to be any other explanation”.

Even though Woodward Financials continue to outperform many wealth firms by using their technology to select funds, it makes sense to utilise this to select stocks that show great potential for growth.

Woodward Financials have for many years targeted individual stocks based on market capitalisation to identify possible market reversals, thus benefiting clients by means of asset allocation and fund selection in recent downturns.

Although this service is likely to be of interest to an investor with a increased appetite for risk, direct stock exposure can form part of a larger investment portfolio.

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