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Which are the best stocks to buy?

Looking for the top 10 best stocks, we can help, actually we can help with the top 20 best stocks or even the top 30 best stocks. How do we do this, using years of experience, but first we need to focus in on which stocks are ready to rocket. We all know a handful of companies that are likely to go up but when? this week, next month within the year. That is not good enough. So, we use technology to filter out those global companies primed to move sooner rather than later.

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A stock or share is a piece of a company limited by shares.

Each piece represents a certain percentage of the company. Anyone who owns shares in a limited company is called a ‘shareholder’ or ‘member’. The number of shares held by each member determines how much of the company they own and control.

What is a listed share?

A listed share can be found on an index, an index tracks a group of shares such as FTSE100, Dow Jones or Nasdaq. A listed share can be purchased by a member of the public such as yourself.

How do you buy shares?

Once you have a share dealing account you will gain access to most listed companies. Here you can buy and sell shares. Alternatively, you can use a Stockbroker like ourselves to recommend stocks to buy.

However, buying one or two stocks is not recommended, as you are putting all your eggs into one basket.

How can we help?

We use technology initially to identify which stocks are likely to be of value and potentially go up in the near future, once identified as a potential purchase we then look at the fundamentals of the stock to create a shortlist of shares to recommend for our stock portfolio.

Once purchased we track the funds daily and actively manage the stock portfolio, if a change is warranted, such as locking in profits or if we feel market confidence is eroding, we will advise you by way of a recommendation to sell and not reinvest or switch to an alternative stock.

How many shares will be held within a stock portfolio? 

Diversification is key to the number of stocks that should be held, depending on market conditions, we aim to hold between 30-50 stocks over a range of different markets.

Are the stocks ethical?

We may launch an ethical stock portfolio in the future, but currently our stock portfolio is focused on maximum growth and thus an ethical stock may or may not be one of the stocks we hold in our current portfolio.

Should I invest in shares?

Individual stocks are at the higher end of a risk profile and volatility can also be higher than normal in a stock portfolio. Using our technology, we hope to reduce this risk as well as diversify the stock portfolio with the number of different companies held.

Shares are subject to capital gains and dividends are taxed, unless traded inside an ISA, many of our clients have substantial ISA portfolios which have grown via our wealth management service, which makes this an ideal environment to invest using our stock portfolio service.

Things to consider before investing in shares.

Share trading is a skill and only small few investors remain consistent especially in difficult market conditions, even Warren Buffet gets it wrong from time to time. Financial advisers are good at giving financial planning advice, but most know extraordinarily little about investing, therefore Woodward Financials Wealth management excel as we have decades of investment experience. Woodward Financials were awarded best wealth management firm in 2021 and again in 2022 who have a team of advisers ready to help you answer any questions you may have.

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