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Do you have investments or feel like the flexibility, security, and choices you planned to have in retirement have fallen slightly short of your goal? Over the years whether in retirement or approaching retirement?

Recent events such as the pandemic or Brexit could have derailed your dreams leaving you adrift, not knowing where to set your sail. In the years running up to retirement and while in retirement, continuing having your investments managed and your financial position reviewed by an adviser is critical, and perhaps having your portfolio actively managed could be the answer.

It could get you back on course or even better see you living out retirement in much calmer seas. Ask yourself this, how often have your investments been looked at in the past 6 months by you or an adviser? I can assure you once a month is not enough.

In May 2021 the best funds to hold within an investment portfolio were UK funds, In June this was overshadowed by Property funds driven by inflation concerns and Technology funds being the leader in July.

At Woodward Financials we look at our client investments every working day, and make sure their investment portfolio performs at its absolute optimum as we know how to get the very best investment performance.

You can’t take your eye off the markets for a minute. When the markets have a wobble, and they will, we’ll be making changes without delay, and we have done each month. We want the very best for our clients.

You need to make sure you get the following services when managing your investments:

  • An adviser that adds value in multiple ways such as checking how any personal changes in income or capital wealth may impact your current retirement provision or tax situation following the latest budget review.
  • An adviser that reviews your existing plans before starting a new plan,
  • Someone who explains in simple terms how welfare or taxation changes may affect you.
  • An adviser that reminds you not to miss out on valuable allowances such as ISAs, or offsetting growth against your capital gains tax allowance.
  • An adviser who makes sure they get back money you may be entitled to, such as tax relief on pension contributions.
  • Someone that rebalances your investments so they are always comfortable with the risk you take while ensuring you do not miss out on potentially better returns.
  • Make sure you do not pay unnecessary tax.
  • Most of all remove the stress away so you can enjoy retirement knowing that everyday someone has looked at your investments.

Research shows that the average UK income in retirement is £18,000 per annum. However, the average for those who set goals working with an independent financial adviser is £24,175.

Put another way, by not working with an independent financial adviser, a client can potentially lose out on an extra 41% or as much as £147,147 over the course of a 21 year retirement.

It continues to be clear that independent advice is the only way to get a continued fair analysis.

Our active management service has all the components to bring the very best service and investment performance to our clients, by having a unique algorithm to support our investment portfolios.

We have the support teams and decades of experience to make sure that you and your family enjoy your retirement as you envisaged, and to make your money work for you.

Do you have a question about investing or your retirement planning? Or want to know more from one of the leading UK advisers?

For more information you can contact David on 01753 839348 or email