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Woodward Financials wealth management offer a unique advisory Enhanced Active Management Service unmatched by anyone in the market, it will not only mean we will be quick to react in an up market for potential gains but also quick to react in a down market to preserve capital.

This unique service is supported by a Super algorithm, five years in the making, this identifies trading opportunities which in-turn supports our leading model portfolios, we aim to be holding the best funds within each sector which are reviewed daily.

As advisors for finance, investment and pensions, the new algorithm we have in place provides not only the best possible active management service available to investors but also gives our client’s investment portfolios the best possible chance to perform at their optimum.

In our last “live” test, Woodward Financials placed over 200 trades to gauge profitability with the algorithm, returning 216 winning trades out of 218.

The Enhanced Active Management Service uses a complex set of rules to be adhered to with the use of trading software, and a manual decision process by our Head of Investments to determine the course of action.

Woodward Financials believe that their algorithm is a game-changer, available to clients at a marginally higher cost than the industry standard.

This Enhanced Active Management Service will mean Woodward Financials will be quick to react in an up market for potential gains, and in a down market to preserve capital.

The algorithm runs 24/7 monitoring global markets. If we believe one or more markets are likely to be affected, we will alert all advisers to recommend clients temporarily move into cash or an alternative asset class as well as a potential risk change, and vice versa when re-entering the markets for growth, this goes against the grain, unless you have a crystal ball that is, that we do not have, but the algorithm does go along way in supporting our investment decisions.

Clients are exposed to no more risk than their chosen profile allows.

In addition to an adviser, you will be allocated a client administrator who will monitor your portfolio daily and will report directly to the adviser any slight change outside of set parameters, your dedicated administrator will also support in producing valuations, analysis reports and make sure your personal records and attitude to risk is current and up to date, the client administrator will also support your adviser so they’re able to give best advice in areas other than investments, such as insurance, tax efficient planning or cash flow modelling.

Is this service right for you?

We believe our enhanced service detailed above would be the right choice for the majority of investors who have an attitude to risk of cautious or greater. A unique active management service such as the above is expected to reduce risk and improve portfolios performance far greater than a standard service offered by other firms.

The enhanced service requires substantial resource and Woodward Financials would prefer new clients to invest over £100,000 but this may reduce in the future and remains at our discretion. We’ll accept transfers in from your current investment platform, ISA or pension provider. Please still get in touch if you are just short of our entry level so we can work on a plan to achieve this, by calling 01793 683573 or emailing

Our initial fees are competitive and far less than most advice firms and in some cases less than half other known firms. Our charges are set at a level to offer the very best performance, with reduced risk at the lowest cost. You can’t say fairer than that.

Frequently asked questions about our enhanced service?

How often would you be contacted? Perhaps once a month maybe longer.

Accepting a change of risk or not?  If we believe a change is warranted we are recommending that you make the change.

What would the window be for accepting/declining a change in risk? the algorithm picked up the crash in 2020, signals were there 3-4 days before the event, Why speed is needed, If we make a sell trade it can take a fund manager potentially up to 36 hours to make the change so the quicker the better, more than likely the market will continue to fall and thus preserving as much capital as possible.

The service we wanted to put in place was either far more regulation and less employees or less regulation and more employees, we are scaling up to meet demand and for a slightly higher annual management charge of 0.25% we believe this to be excellent value compared to a standard service in place by other firm, the benefits we offer will far exceed a standard service, I don’t envisage many would go back a standard service after experiencing what we have to offer. Annual fees are part of giving advice and due to enhanced regulations, rising fees and levies.

How much contact will I have with the administrators? The client administrators will have many more tasks to support you and your adviser, but they will go with your wishes with regards to regular contact, quick chat every week, fortnight, once a month whatever you prefer.

The value of investments may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you originally invested.

Do you have a question or want to become a client contact us

For more information you can contact David on 01753 839348 or email