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Are Blue Chip companies about to be left on the shelf, where is the growth.

Have you heard the saying remain invested over the long-term? I am long in equities because equities reward over the long-term, as a Wealth Manager I have lost count how many times I have heard this.

OK let us break that down, if the markets went up for ten weeks is that a big enough sample of data to make an assessment of what will happen in the eleventh week, If the answer is no? you could say the same for the markets over the long-term. Just because the markets went up over the last one hundred years, you could argue that you do not have a big enough sample of data to make an assessment of what the markets are likely to do in the next 10 years. Just because the last one hundred years saw steady growth with a few bumps along the way. Why would you think it would be a great investment?

Put your money in ‘Bricks and Mortar’ there is another famous quote, we have only really seen property growth since the early seventies, yes, only 50 years! Half the data of the world markets in the previous example, go ahead and push all your chips into the game.

Those avid followers will have read my growth predictions over the past year, but when will the beach ball that is being held under water launch into the blue sky. Greening of the Planet to save the next generations when $40 Trillion needs to be spent by 2030 to stave of disaster or at least by 2050.

Robotics could be entering our homes within a couple of years at around $20,000 the fact that the Tesla robot can only squat, walk, sidestep, turn while walking and picking up from ground level seems quite an expensive dog walker, that’s if it can find the doggy waste bin, knowing how unruly kids are, I would expect it would be pushed over like a flailing turtle for me to have to go rescue.

5G and 6G are well on their way, quite shocking when some rural areas are just getting used to not having dial-up. Genetic sciences are making leaps and bounds especially in medicine, this has got to be one of the most existing areas.

Electronic Vehicles is a perfect example of being restrained due to ongoing conflicts, we want the cars we just cannot get them fast enough. We need more semi-conductor chips! Surely this is a perfect opportunity to get the infrastructure in place before they arrive on mass.

All these fantastic changes coming together at the fastest pace of change humanity has known. So where is the growth, certainly not in your traditional blue-chip stocks.

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