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What are the benefits of having private medical insurance? also referred to as health insurance.

Avoiding National Health Service waiting lists is a big driving factor as to why people buy private medical insurance (PMI), since the pandemic, waiting list have increased exponentially, having private medical insurance gives peace of mind that that a delay will not worsen your medical condition.

Private medical plans are affordable but do increase with age, getting rapid access to expert medical care for any number of reasons such as heart disease, cancer, pregnancy and many more conditions could be money well spent, especially when you can be seen quickly and treated at the earliest opportunity.

To give you an idea the below are the top five conditions policy holders have claimed for in recent years.


Heart and circulatory diseases (e.g., coronary heart disease, arrhythmia)

Musculoskeletal problems (e.g., neck or back pain)

Digestive system conditions (e.g., irritable bowel syndrome, gastroenteritis, Crohn’s disease)

Eye and ear conditions (e.g., labyrinthitis – an inner ear imbalance)

There are various levels of cover to match most budgets from as little as £20 for in-patient treatment and tests, however, there are more expensive policies that cover out-patient treatments as well as access to a wider range of hospital, specialists, and consultants and in some cases, treatments that are not available on the National Health Service.

At Woodward Financials we have witnessed first-hand those that have chosen a private medical plan and those that chose not to, I can assure you that when a need arose, those that did have a plan in place had a much better outcome.

A downside is never having claimed for years and the older the policy holder the more expensive the plan becomes and for the very reason of not claiming therein lies the dilemma, do you continue paying higher and higher premiums until they become too expensive?

Private Medical Insurance may or may not be the right insurance for your needs, income protections, life insurance, critical illness insurance could also be highlighted as a priority in additions to your needs or something that should compliment your protection needs.

Speaking to one of our independent financial advisers today who always act in a clients best interest can help you decide which private medical plan is best for you and what you should be your priority as well as help you from start to finish in getting the right plan in place.

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